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Monday, December 14, 2015
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How Important are your memories?  How will your family see history?  Technology changes constantly, Wall Portraits and printed media can be handed down through generations!  The blog post below was written by Nancy Doud and explains our approach so well.  Please take the time to read.

"Do you think about those who will look at your photos a few generations from now? How will they know who is who? Oral traditions are not what they once were as far as preserving memories. We rely heavily on visual reminders. And now we rely even more heavily on technology. Sometimes it's hard to remember our own phone numbers! Thank you, iPhone!"


Friday, May 22, 2015
By Daniel White
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As graduation time nears, I want to highlight our 2015 Seniors. I also want to remind the Class of 2015 that it is not too late to book your senior session. We are already booking sessions for the Class of 2016 as well, so be sure to contact us quickly. ‪#‎twphotography‬ ‪#‎twpbymarie‬‪#‎pinkhillstudio‬ ‪#‎twpseniors‬ ‪#‎twprockstars‬ ‪#‎ncseniorphotographer‬‪#‎southlenoir‬ ‪#‎easternncseniorphotographer‬ ‪#‎easternncphotographer‬‪#‎deeprun‬ ‪#‎pinkhill‬ ‪#‎lenoircounty‬ ‪#‎albertson‬ ‪#‎beulaville‬ ‪#‎kinston‬

Now - Let's start our Congratulations Series by congratulating Ethan - South Lenoir Class of 2015!! Ethan was one of our Rockstars this year and we are so proud of him!